Police is frontline organization in combat against crime. Punjab Police is a provincial organization under the direct control of Provincial Government. Punjab Police comprises of (10) following Regions:

  • Lahore
  • Rawalpindi
  • Gujranwala
  • Sheikhupura
  • Faisalabad
  • Sargodha
  • Sahiwal
  • Multan
  • Bahawalpur
  • D.G. Khan

In Punjab there is (01) CCPO, (04) CPOs and (31) DPOs. The head of the organization is Inspector General of Police/Provincial Police Officer.

In pursuance of the approval of the Chief Minister Punjab conveyed vide Home Secretary Punjab;s No. PS/HS/6011-S dated 28.11.2008 and in exercise of the powers conferred upon Provincial Police Office Punjab, under Article 21(1) of the Police Order, 2002, the new police region designated as Sahiwal Region comprising the Districts of (Sahiwal, Okara and Pakpattan) was notified. The newly created Region is be headed an officer of the rank of Dy. Inspector General of Police (BS-20)
The Important Factors of the Region are under below:

  • Sahiwal Region is comprising of 10302 Sq. Km (2,554,069-Acres)
  • Population of Sahiwal Region is 7.381 Million (2018)- (Urban-1.636 & Rural-5.743 Million)
  • Police Sanctioned Strength of Sahiwal Region is 6280
  • Required Strength for the public is 1 Police man for the 450 Persons. In the light of this percentage and according to the  population of Sahiwal Region more 6757 Police personals are required for this Region
  • Okara Cantonment of Pakistan Army
  • Four Universities (University of Okara, BZU Campus Sahiwal, VU & COMSAT Sahiwal)
  • Medical College Sahiwal
  • Cadet College, Okara
  • Central Jail Sahiwal, District Jail Okara & District Jail Pakpattan functional
  • Two Rivers in the Region (River Ravi flows in Sahiwal & Okara Districts where as Rever Satluj flows in Okara & Pakpattan  Districts)
  • Three Sugar Mills (Ittefaq Sugar Mill Pakpattan, Baba Farid and Abdullah Sugar Mill in Okara)
  • Two Animals research institutes, Qadirabad Sahiwal and Bahadarnagar Farm Okara
  • Spiritual Shrines of Baba Farid (R.A) Pakpattan, Muhammad Panahh (R.A) Kameer Sahiwal & Hazrat Karmanwala, Okara
  • Sahiwal TV Tower: This is Pakistan's Highest‪‎ TV‬ ‪‎Booster‬ ‪‎Tower‬ that is 720 Feet High
  • The climate of the Districts of Sahiwal Region are hot in summer and cold in winter
  • Mitchell's Fruit Farm Renala Khurd, District Okara
  • Qadirabad Coal Power Project Sahiwal (1320 MW) functional
  • Agriculture sector of Sahiwal Region produces the corps of Potato, Corn, Sugarcane, Rice, Cotton, Wheat and Vegetables
  • One of the ancient civilizations 3000 to 5000 B.C. 15 has been found in "Harrapa" District Sahiwal which was the northern city of Indus Valley Civilization
  • International Sports Players of Sahiwal Region are Cricketers Namely Mushtaq Ahmad, Manzoor Elahi, Zahoor Elahi & Saleem Elahi of Sahiwal District and Zulifqar Babar of Okara District where as Muhammad Sarwar (Olympian) Captain of Pakistan Hockey Team belong to Renala Khurd District Okara