I am thankful to Allah Almighty who gave me the honor of commanding the largest police force in Pakistan. First of all, I would like to pay tribute to the martyrs of Punjab Police who sacrificed their precious lives in the line of duty; I would like to assure families of these martyrs that their problems are my personal problems which will be solved at the earliest. 

I believe that only through professionalism ensuring rule of law, hard work and adherence to merit we can restore dignity of this force. Therefore, steps shall be taken to enhance, the professionalism and efficiency of Punjab Police. Easy access for the public and changing the attitude of the police at police station level is one of my top priorities. Along with handling external challenges, the system of recruitment, training and merit based investigation shall be modernized as well as the process of accountability and transparency shall be ensured. Corruption will not be tolerated in any form. Punjab Police shall encourage the best performers at all levels,

 while no concessions will be made for corrupt and irresponsible elements. I want to state-loud & clear-that now onwards the FIR shall be registered without difficulty or delay and those causing hurdles shall be dealt with strictly.

I would like to point out that while it is my responsibility to pave way for a transparent, fair and equitable delivery of policing services to people, it is also my duty, as the commander, to ensure justice and facilitate resolution of problems of my force.  All the officers and personnel of Punjab Police are like a family to me and injustice to them in any respect is not acceptable. All possible steps shall be taken for their welfare. Punjab Police officers and personnel, including Civilian staff have always performed their duties with professionalism, courage and resolve.

I believe that growing trust between the people and the police shall help us in eradicating crimes like terrorism, sectarianism and extremism. We shall involve communities in maintaining law and order and eradicating crime, as well as bringing criminal elements to justice. I hope Punjab Police and the people of the province will support each other to make Punjab a safe, tolerant and happy society. I also hope that by observing high levels of public service, following glorious traditions of protecting life, honour & property and by developing professionalism in the force, I will be able to take the Punjab Police to new heights and higher levels of service delivery. 

May Allah support us and help us in achieving the goal of a crime free society. Amen.

  Inspector General of Police/PPO