Safety of life, liberty and property of citizens - particularly through prevention and detection of crime - is one of the most important governance functions performed by the state. In Punjab this critical function is performed exclusively by the Punjab Police. This professional force of 180,000 outstanding men and women work day and night dedicated to this one purpose. They are motivated by the knowledge that their work with safety and crime feeds into realisation of a great ideal: upholding the rule of law as enshrined in the Constitution of Pakistan. In spelling out the fundamental rights and principles of policy, the Constitution clearly provides for the due process and equality before publicly proclaimed laws. 

Safety and tranquility emanating from rule of law will be our greatest aspiration. Our priorities are clear in our effort to realise these goals. Our biggest priority is delivery of quality police services to the citizens in a facilitative manner. In our offices, police stations, khidmat marakiz and at all other points of our contact with the citizens, we shall offer our best with professionalism and compassion.

Prevention and detection of crime will continue to be a major priority. We are striving to build our ability to prevent crime through effective surveillance and proactive situational analysis and deployment of resources. We are mindful of the fact that detection is the most effective form of prevention. So, we are continuously improving our human and technical capacity to investigate cases correctly and expeditiously.

Public order and security are the other major priority. We are committed to protecting our citizens and public and private property against terrorism, disorder and vandalism. We actively seek ways to develop our capability to plan and execute strategies for security of persons and premises and to effectively deal with law and order situations. 

Better governance of Punjab Police is another major priority. We are improving our human resource management practices, accountability processes and financial and logistical capabilities. Deeper and wider integration of technology into our operational and administrative working will continue to be a means as well as a goal in pursuit of our priorities.

Punjab Police is one of the greatest police forces in the world. So many times, our shuhada have made the ultimate sacrifice for safety of the citizens. I am confident that we will continue to serve and protect our people, whatever it takes.

  Inspector General of Police,