PMDU-Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit

Prime Minister Delivery Unit & Implementation of “Pakistan Citizen Portal”

The Prime Minister’s office is revamping its Delivery Unit so as to make it more efficient and improve its effectiveness. The purpose of this reorganization is to facilitate the general public, Overseas Pakistanis and the Foreigners to ensure prompt redressal of grievances. Additionally, Pakistan Citizen Portal is an (online) Integrated Citizen Grievances Redressal System connecting all government organizations both at Federal and Provincial levels. The system will serve as carrier of complaints to their respective offices across Pakistan. Three colour coded scheme has been introduced in this system, to ensure efficiency in disposal of matter pertaining to public service delivery. 


The RPO Office has started processing the complaints received through this portal. The staff under the supervision of the Incharge Complaint Cell has been deputed. The complaint is not disposed off till it’s either redressed or has proved to be false after verification by a senior officer.