Community Policing

These days the police departments are undergoing a worldwide change. The concept of community policing is a new step in the policing system. It offers a positive change in society with its active participation. The idea behind is to build a healthy relationship between the police and society. The police acts as service provider while the community as a client. This creates a sense of trust between the police and society. In Pakistan’s case, the police department carries little credibility and is not in a position to render a positive response to the police department.

Once this concept is materialised, the traditional role of the police will change and will lead to a better community-police relationship. The community policing system is a joint venture of the police-people cooperation in controlling crimes through collective efforts. The formation of different community police centers in Pakistan is also a positive step.

The idea of community policing has received a good response in different countries such as Germany, France, Italy, the UK, Sweden and India. The UN has also recognised the need for highlighting the importance of community policing. The UN police have been working in various distressed regions of the world with the support of community policing.

Women are also working as active agents in ensuring community policing in the world. Women in Pakistan must also be made part of the community policing network. Our government must look into the concept of community policing and take some practical steps. This will help in improving the law and order situation in the country.


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